His  interest in wildlife stems from growing up in Alaska, Nevada, and Northern California. He has been an artist for over 25 years. His main subject interests  are wildlife, western, and portraits. He works with scratchboard, india ink on clayboard, and acrylics. Scratchboard allows him to bring out the realistic detail in his subjects. Scratchboard is a form of direct etching where the artist starts with a masonite panel coated with white clay and then topped with a layer of black ink. A sharp tool is then used to scratch away the black ink to expose the white clay below, leaving a black and white image.The image can then be colored. His portraits are done with india ink on white clayboard. He is a Signature member of "The International Society Of Scratchboard Artists",   

















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Alex's work is shown at: -"Healdsburg Center for the Arts",Healdsburg Ca.  "Riverfront Gallery," Petaluma Ca

"Towers Gallery" in Cloverdale CA

"Highlight Gallery" in Mendocino CA

"The Corner Gallery" In Ukiah CA

"Rockin Roses Art Gallery" in Healdsburg CA

Savings Bank Of Mendocino County

Private Collections 


Active Signature member of "International Society Of Scratchboard Artists"


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